Wide Area Network (WAN)

What Is A Wide Area Network?

Wide area network WAN can be defined as the type of network that provides the necessary communication between a country, a continent or even a worldwide, distances that can reach thousands of kilometers. Communication can be carried out by providing a lot of information such as voice, image, data, and video between a wide range of geographic locations.

Where to use the Wide Area Network?

Because wide area networks can easily stream data over long distances, they combine geographically distant centers on a single network to provide easy access from the desired location. Centers located in different countries or in different cities can be connected synchronously over the same network. A large number of devices and users can work on the wide-area network.

Advantages of Wide-area Network (WAN)

Centralized Data

No additional investment is needed for offices located as far away from each other as the location. All branch offices can be connected to servers located at the headquarters to share instant data, and all branch offices can be synchronized on the data as well.

Wide Geographic Area Coverage

With wide area networks, it is possible to provide needed communication over distances much longer than 1000 km. Connecting centers in different cities or in different countries are possible with large area networks.

Reduced Costs

With the accessibility of the wide area network, work areas can be divided into different locations or the desired data can be accessed without having to travel to different locations.

More Network Users

A large number of devices and network users in wide area networks can communicate without loss of performance.

Wide Area Network WAN Solution

The use and importance of wide area network connection is quite high in today's technology, where information transfer can not fit within distances with the growing business volume. Data communication in different locations can be achieved without problems, quickly, reliably and with the best performance possible by creating a suitable wide area network connection for the needs.

As Vizyon Communication Technologies, we provide services at all stages of the process, from the design, installation, necessary testing to analyses and improvements of the infrastructure deemed appropriately by the evaluation of our wide area network WAN solution and our team of experts. In terms of the efficiency, performance, reliability, and sustainability of wide area networks, we guarantee to deliver the most accurate and optimal solution with the most advanced devices.