Voice over IP (VoIP)

As Vizyon Communication Technologies, we set up voice over IP (VoIP) telephone networks that provide free VPN communication among your branches, voice and data sharing through a single infrastructure which reduces your cabling costs and is flexible and updatable.

VoIP (Voice over IP) Technology
VoIP is an IP-based network technology that enables regional or long-distance dialing over a network. It processes voice calls as a data packet, receiving them from the source via an internet connection and transmitting them to the recipient. VoIP can be installed in the form of hardware or software.

Advantages of VoIP Solution of Vizyon Communication Technologies:
  • It does not require separate wiring for each phone.
  • Provides quick technical support.
  • Voice message, caller display, Call Waiting, call forwarding, multi-participant teleconference features.
  • It provides high definition sound quality.
  • Simple, flexible, and low-cost system management.
  • It provides free calls between branches.
  • Requires minimum hardware works with maximum performance.
  • Customizable software is available.
  • It provides fast and easy compatibility with the changes in communication protocols.
  • Integration into different systems provides advantages in many ways.
  • When installed as SoftPhone, it offers service via PC without the need for any special hardware.