Local Area Network (LAN)

What is the Local Area Network?

A Local Area Network LAN consists of a group of computers that share a common communication line or wireless connection to a server and a variety of peripheral devices that can be connected to them. Computers and devices such as printers, scanners, network storage, cameras, cards, and fingerprint readers, as well as so-called peripherals, need a local network connection to share their resources.

Where to use a Local Area Network?

A local area network connection is a type of network that allows several computers and printers in a small office to communicate with each other, as well as sharing information with hundreds or even thousands of devices in a large business center consisting of several buildings. In simple terms, Local Area Network is used as the fastest and most common method of ensuring the transfer of information between devices used in areas with certain boundaries, such as business centers, educational institutions, and residences.

Local area network connections are performed in two main ways, using an Ethernet cable and wireless. Vizyon Communication Technologies as an expert in both wireless and wired Local Area Network Solutions offers the most accurate and reliable composite solutions.

Wireless Local Area Network Solution (Wi-Fi LAN)

Wireless local area network Wi-Fi LAN is a type of network that provides communication and transmission over a range of frequencies using airborne radio signals.
The wireless local area network can be used according to different needs and expectations, such as providing flexibility with mobility, improving efficiency or having wiring difficulties.

As Vizyon Communication Technologies, we create the most appropriate solution in line with the needs of our customers with the most accurate and reliable methods in wireless communication technology, which is one of the most important developments of today. Through our collaboration with Aruba HPE, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco and Cisco Meraki, the industry's leaders in wireless local area network solutions, we deliver and implement the state-of-the-art solutions needed for a fast, trouble-free and reliable wireless local area network.

Wired Local Area Network Solution (Ethernet LAN)

The wired LAN solution (Ethernet LAN), which is the most common method used in Local Area Network Solutions, is a solution process that requires expertise and planning, although it is perceived as simple. To ensure the best performance of the configured network solution, there are many factors to be considered, such as the correct mapping of the cabling architecture, the correct selection and quality of the material used, and the selection of the correct allocation according to the architecture of the structure.

As Vizyon Communication Technologies, we offer fast, reliable, trouble-free configuration service and guarantee with our long-standing experience in local area network solutions, expert team, superior quality devices, and materials.