Logging and Central Control Solutions

What Is Logging?

Logging is an obligation to all enterprises under the Law No. 5651 published in the Official Gazette “regulation of publications made on the Internet and combating crimes committed through these publications”.

Logging Service is the recording of every transaction performed over the internet connection of the company, whether it is the business employee or the guest or the customer. This registration process only collects data such as MAC addresses and IP addresses of the computer being processed, and private information of individuals is not covered.

In the event that businesses offering public internet do not use logging services, since the transactions made by people using the internet are not recorded, in case of any crime, the business is held responsible for such crime. For this reason, Logging Service is very important for businesses both in terms of legal and corporate security.

Use Of Central Control System, Hotspot, Firewall

The term Hotspot is used to describe a physical area where wireless internet connection technology is available for sharing with users. The Hotspot can be located in a private area or can be used in public areas such as hotels, airports, restaurants, and cafes where many users can access it.

In public hotspot areas, users ' access to the internet can be provided automatically through a user login containing certain information or a certificate-based identification via the device used. All these controls can be applied to the access points desired by the internet sharing company. With our central control solution, it is possible to impose certain restrictions and controls on specific access points and define different permissions on different access points for network users.

One of the most important problems of businesses with internet sharing is security. As well as controlling the actions of users, it is necessary to take precautions against cyber attacks that may come from inside or outside. With firewall logging services, we offer maximum security solutions with the highest quality devices.

Full Security In Logging Solution

As Vizyon Communication Technologies, we provide the best solutions with the most advanced devices for access point solutions required for proper distribution of the wireless network, logging process performed in accordance with law No. 5651, and firewall services of great importance for security by structuring according to the demands and needs.