Fiber Optic Test and Analysis Equipment

Performance Analysis In Fiber Optic Cable Networks

Fiber optic cables are widely preferred in today's technology because of their speed and durability in creating a strong communication network. The efficiency and suitability of these cables on the network, which provides voice, image and data transmission, can be measured by several tests and analyses performed.

In addition to measuring the performance of fiber optic cables, certificates of the cables used, verification documents indicating their suitability for use and general reporting can be provided through the technologies used in the testing and analysis phase.

Performance Measurement and Certification Technology in Fiber Optic Cables

As Vizyon Communications Technologies, we offer high quality, true calibration, the technology that enables the most accurate performance measurement, reporting and verification of cables with our expert technical team in the measurement of fiber optic cable performance. Our fiber optic portfolio includes many kinds of technologies, including Otdrs and CWDM / DWDM channel analyzers.