Playroom IPTV

Playroom TV is a licensed TV software designed and developed exclusively by Vizyon Communications Technologies, providing high standards of rich content entertainment.

Playroom TV keeps guests and business satisfaction at the highest level with its fast, trouble-free and reliable installation in facilities such as hotels, hospitals, campuses, and cruise ships where innovative TV services are needed.

In more than 30 countries, Playroom TV reaches out to 6 million end-users via more than 30K displays.

Playroom TV has a mission to improve the quality of your guests' accommodation and provide the perfect entertainment experience, and also it can be integrated seamlessly with management systems, taking into account the specific needs of businesses.

Playroom TV with its structure, which can be customized according to needs and expectations, serves with different packages and modules such as PlayIPack, PlayActive, PlayMood, PlayPromo, and PlayCast.

Just some of the features of our Playroom IPTV service:

  • Categorized and reordered channels,
  • Different languages options,
  • Personalized welcome screen,
  • Integrations with PMS,
  • Marketing service via message,
  • Cinema pleasure with VOD,
  • Cast to TV service via PlayCast
                                                                 and many more...