In the field of communication technologies for the most effective and trouble-free performance, it is important to apply the appropriate project design, configuration, and the right materials and methods. The implementation of all these steps in the most effective way requires superior quality in experience, product, and service. 

As Vizyon Communication Technologies we offer effective, accurate, trouble-free, and fast technological solution consulting services with our more than a quarter-century of experience in the field of communication technologies, our successful portfolio, and our quality and methodologies in international standards.

With our experienced and expert team in the field of communication technologies, we offer analyses, projects, configuration suggestions for your needs, and apply specific solution models and plans most accurately.

Within our consultancy service, we carry out works as follows:

  • Analysis, design, modeling, and planning for the solution needed,
  • Implementation, security, maintenance and operation activities and projects in system infrastructures,
  • Package project preparation,
  • Developing a custom solution model according to the need,
  • Disaster center configuration,
  • Field automation project,
  • Designing and structuring complex solutions involving different products and technologies,
  • infrastructure analyses,
  • Determination and planning of need and capacity,
  • Cost analysis and reporting,
We are focused on customer satisfaction and demand-service compliance and excellent success from the beginning to the end of our cooperation progressing through a transparent communication process.