Display and Internet via Coaxial Cable

Display and Internet via Coaxial Cable

What Is Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cables are high bandwidth cables with high transmission capacity, capable of transmitting up to 80 times more data to twisted-pair cables. Coaxial cables, which have an important place in data transmission due to their structure not affected by external electromagnetic interference, can carry high-frequency signals such as television, radio, and telephone without any problems. There are many varieties according to their usage areas and property.

Internet and TV Service with Coaxial Cable

In today's digital world, the height of the signal in TV and internet infrastructure systems is quite important. However, in order to achieve the desired performance, the quality of the transmitted signal is much more important. During the application process, area and material analysis and determination are performed correctly, signal height is adjusted correctly and the use of the appropriate coaxial cable is the factor determining transmission quality.

We provide all the necessary data services such as high-speed internet, TV, HDTV, IPTV, telephone with video and internet solution via coaxial cable, accompanied by a plan designed specifically for the needs.

With our solution, we also evaluate the existing infrastructure and provide the data services needed by improving the performance of the infrastructure,  with affordable, fast and hassle-free options.

Performance In Coaxial Cable Solutions

As Vizyon Communication Technologies, we provide the display and internet service infrastructure used over coaxial cable, as well as the necessary testing and analysis services to determine the internal and external factors affecting performance, and special design solutions to ensure the desired efficiency and highest performance.