About Us

Innovation! Always...

Our journey in the fields of IT and telecommunications asVizyon Communication Technologies began in 1992.

As an engineering company whose foundations are based on the vision of our founders that foresees and supports the technology of the future, we provide services, product support, and consultancy in the fields of IT and communication. We are proud that our company, has achieved superior success both in customer satisfaction and in product- service quality in its quarter-over-the-top adventure. 

As one of Turkey's successful and leading organizations in the field of IT and communication, we maintain and advance our position among the leading companies in the sector with our quality and achievements in more than 30 countries with our structure aiming at the development and best in all areas where we offer services, solutions, and products.

We are implementing our policy of delivering the best service and in our products with our solutions that respond to needs of today's technology such as IPTV (IP Television), SMATV (Central TV systems), cable TV solutions, Local Area, Wide Area, internet and video over coaxial cable, logging, network solutions, broadbandcable TV, telecom solutions, fiber optic, and wireless solutions.

We continue to add new successes to our successful adventure that has lasted from the day we were founded, by providing various and purposeful services such as system software, infrastructure solutions, technological product support and consultancy to different sectors such as building, Health, Media, and private and public institutions.

While we gain more strength with each project we have completed, with our structure that foresees and leads technological developments, we are moving rapidly towards our goal of achieving global success and obtaining quality and success in international standards. 

As Vision Communication Technologies, we continue to work, produce and develop our vision to improve our services, products, and our sector while making our vision a reality by making our efforts to prepare today for tomorrow's technology.