Network Testing and Analysis Equipment

Structural cabling and Network Systems

The role and importance of structural cabling and network systems in the transmission and communication of information are increasing rapidly every day. With the increasing importance and usage area, the need for the cabling and network system to be at the highest performance, durable and developable has emerged.

In order to obtain the desired efficiency over the cabling and network system, structural problems, performance ratio, and errors in the systems performed with fiber optic and copper cabling must be measured by the appropriate devices and experts and converted into infrastructure systems without problems with the necessary regulations.

End-to-end analysis in cabling and Network Systems

As Vizyon Communication Technologies, we analyze and report problems, performance losses and errors on structural cabling and network systems with our state-of-the-art and superior quality devices with true calibration, and offer you the solution you need for the highest performance, durability and extensibility with the professional opinions of our team of experts in the field.